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One of the better ones

I've listened to many podcasts on writing and Reading and Writing is one of the few that makes the cut with me. Jeff engages every author he interviews. I haven't listened to one that I didn't take something away from; and the length of these--some are only 15:00 or so--is about right. I like hour-long podcasts, but an hour is a real commitment. If I had to make a suggestion, it would be for Reading and Writing to explore other interview subjects once in awhile. For example, on another writing podcast I learned about Scrivener, an app designed to facilitate the writing process of long manuscripts. I'd used Word for 24 years; it was the devil I knew; but that brief podcast mention led me to try Scrivener, which has fundamentally changed the way I write. So, Jeff, if you're ever of a mind to occasionally explore other stuff related to writing, I'd encourage it. But then if you stick to author interviews, I'm fine with that, too. In informative, brief, entertaining author interviews, you've hit the sweet spot.

Excellent Podcast!!

The interviews are great. Jeff asks the questions you would ask your favorite authors.


Jeff does a great job of getting the authors talking: where their ideas come from, what inspired them to become writers, the challenge of getting published. I enjoy all of these interviews.

Avid Reader

Very convenient and relaxing way to find your next favorite author, or to get inside the head of one you already love, when you have just a few minutes to tune in.

Great podcast

If you're an aspiring writer and have ever wondered if you're writer material listen to this podcast, the interviews will show you that it takes all kinds. Published authors of various genres, productivity and experience levels talk about their books, life, interests and what got them where they are now. Always look forward to the next episode.

Amazing Podcast

If your a voracious reader and want to know what goes on in writer's head, this is the podcast to listen! In his folksy, southern drawl, Jeff Rutherford conducts a series of interviews that asks his author guests all the questions a reader might have. Informative and entertaining, it's always a special treat when Rutherford posts his latest interviews. Can't wait for more!

Listen to authors talk about their favorite books, and their own books

I'm really enjoying the format of this podcast series, as Jeff talks to authors from a variety of genres (horror, SF, fantasy, mystery, and pretty much everything in between). There's the usual talk about "Where do you get your ideas" and "How do you approach your writing," questions that I'm always interested in hearing about, but Jeff also gets authors to talk about their own reading experiences as well, which I think is an excellent angle. It's also refreshing, in that you don't feel like the authors are there just to sell you their latest book. It's a fun, engaging dialog. Check it out! And spread the word...!

always interesting

This podcast is always interesting. Jeff knows how to ask thought-provoking questions of his guests and has a wide variety of writers on the show. Highly recommended!