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Solid, informative podcast!

The podcast is great with a variety of author guests. Host is very respectful and lets the guests speak without cutting them off (a rare thing these days). I'm gonna need him to stop prefacing every single question with "And I'm curious..." It sounds super natural in the moment until you realize he says it before every question on every episode. My attention gets hung up on that now that I'm aware of it. Lol

Great show!

Jeff, host of the Reading and Writing podcast, highlights all aspects of authors, their careers and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Great podcast, but there is one issue...

I love the guests and the subject, but sometimes the audio is not great. Fuzzy sounds, email and text notifications, etc. Ask your guests to silence their devices as well as turning off your notifications during recording.

Love this Podcast

I am new to writing and I have absolutely loved listening to this podcast. Jeff Rutherford interviews some wonderful authors. And I really appreciate Jeff's interviewing style. He is respectful of his guests, he stays out of their way, and he gets them to talk and talk and talk about really interesting things. If you are starting out writing fiction, and you want to know how the masters do it, I can't recommend this podcast enough.

A New Favorite!

Great podcast for book lovers and writers!

I'm glad I found this

This is a super informative podcast. Helps me better my own writing methods


As a writer myself, I really enjoy listening to other writers talk about their experiences -- both good and bad. Very helpful. Good variety of authors as well, covers a lot of genres, which I appreciate. Great job! Look forward to more!

Excellent Listening

Always fun and informative. All genre's covered, and covered well. Thanks for the time and effort it takes to share these insights.

Great podcast for writers and readers

First, the time of the podcast, checking in at just under 20 minutes is perfect. Then the variety, he has many, many different kinds of authors. Then the interviewing style, solid. Asks good questions and lets the guest talk. Perfect. Highly recommended.

All kinds of great authors

Great interviews where the authors get to talk about their work. I always learn about new authors and books to go looking for.

I enjoyed it as a listener and a guest!

Thanks for making this debut author's first live interview experience a great one.


Keep up the great work!

Entertaining, informative, and interesting.

I've enjoyed each episode of the reading and writing podcast! It has been filled with useful information, entertaining antidotes, and helpful and encouraging words from the authors.


Every writer or aspiring writer should be listening to this. I have been playing catch-up with this podcast. I only discovered it about a year ago or so. I'm now on episode 83 and looking forward to all the rest of them. I base my weekend mornings around listening to this podcast, drinking my coffee and checking emails. Jeff asks interesting questions and gets the writers to open up about the important things we want to know; inspirations, origins of the desire to write, publishing history, writing habits, reading habits, do they outline, do they have other non-writing jobs, how do they work and what is their perspective on the writing craft and the current publishing world?? All interesting things to hear from the horses mouth.

A great way to find new books!

This was one of the first podcasts I started listening to, and I'm still listening two years later. Fascinating interviews and wonderful books! I find a lot of new reading material this way, especially in genres I'm not as well-read in, like thriller or mystery. A great resource for both writers and readers.

Great writing podcast

I love Jeff's recurring questions to his writer guests - What is your process? What are you reading? What advice would you give to aspiring writers? It's always interesting to hear the different answers that writers give to his standard questions. I've always received excellent advice from Jeff's questions. The podcast is inspiring and I love hearing from genre writers that I've never heard of before. Keep up the good work, Jeff!

Great Podcast

Love the interviews!

Well hosted writer interviews

I really enjoy the interviews. There's a preponderance of thriller, and horror genre authors as guests, but they are still successful writers. The featured writers share their experiences and lessons learned that can give aspiring writers hope and inspiration. Knowing what they read, adds another dimension to our understanding of the writer's personality, mind set, and character. Thanks Jeff for creating and sharing this podcast with us.

28. Bill Crider Interview - Episode 69

Excellent job with Bill Crider. This man is an encyclopedia on the history of paperbacks, industry trends, and the writers to look to for a great read. (And though he doesn't say so, he is one of those writers.) Track down a Sheriff Dan Rhodes Mystery and settle in for a great time.

Wantabe writer

This pod cast has a great format and interviews. I like hearing from writers about how they write and their creative process. I've bought several books recommended on the pod cast and have discovered some great stories. Thanks for your work Jeff.

Good stuff !

Jeff lets you hear a tremendous variety of writers and writer journeys. These are inspiring to listen to and I enjoy hearing what inspired the authors and some of their ideas for other writers to check out !

One of the best podcasts on writing and life, struggles, and rewards of being a writer.

This podcast is full of useful information about authors, their books, and the writing process. Jeff's interviews are inspiring and informative. I've also been introduced to many authors I would not have read if it were not for this podcast. The podcasts are well produced, with good sound quality. Thanks Jeff! Keep up the great work.

format, length, & content make this one of the better podcasts

The host and the author are a great format. The twenty minute average length is accessible. The questions seem effective at generating insightful responses. I enjoy this podcast as much as any other from the same subject for these reasons and look forward to each episode.

really engaging!

This is a welcome and insightful podcast for anyone interested in topics like the creative process, a career in writing, or the inner workings of publishing.

Excellent author interviews

The Reading and Writing podcast is a great way to find interesting authors to read and hear the story behind their stories. jeff Rutherford often interviews writers I hadn't heard of, and I am then moved to seek out their books and see how they applied the writing principles discussed in the interviews to their work. There is a lot of really interesting stuff about process and writers' habits and research methods, and personal history of how reading shaped a writer's craft and subject matter. You come away feeling you've met someone interesting and worthwhile knowing.


Enjoy your podcasts but what's wrong with women authors Jeff????

Most enjoyable and informative podcast

This is an enjoyable and informative podcast. Some of the authors I already knew about, but many are new to me, and I always love to find new authors and books! There is also material for what Jeff calls "aspiring writers." The interview subjects give some advice to help people get started in their writing or their writing careers. So it's a win-win. My favorite parts are when the authors tell how they got and developed the idea for the book they're promoting, or when they talk about the books they read when they were kids. Keep up the good work, Jeff.

Loving every episode!

I just started listening and I am hooked! I'm going through all the back issues now and listening to a couple every day at work. Each conversation is engaging, and it's almost like Jeff can read my mind sometimes with the questions he asks. I really like hearing about each writer's unique writing process, how they broke into the biz, how they get their ideas etc. Thanks for giving me one more thing to look forward to in my day!

Great Podcast

I think this is a genius idea for a podcast, interviewing writers. I especially love to hear from the novelists. I get inspired every time. Great job Jeff and team!

Podcast review

Very enjoyable and informative podcast. I love to hear from the top authors in the field and listen to their answers to the very thoughful questions. This podcast helps me find new authors and even genres that I might be interested in reading. I'm an aspiring writer wannabee, so I enjoy it from that angle too.